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Technical Support Policy for Honeywell Integrated Security

Honeywell is committed to providing the very best customer service and technical support to our customers. Ensuring that our integrator base continues to comply with their agreements by keeping Honeywell certified technicians on staff will help us provide prompt and accurate technical support.

We offer free telephone technical support only to integrator technicians who have received Honeywell certification training, or to sites that are under the original warranty period. Hourly rates for telephone technical support are shown below:

Honeywell Telephone Technical Support Hourly Rates*

Coverage Certified Technician Uncertified Technician
Expired Warranty - Original warranty has expired and site is not under an SSA or ESSA  $160/hr $320/hr
Warranty - The site is still under original warranty $0 $0
Software Support Agreement (SSA) - Site is covered under an SSA $0 $160/hr
Enhanced Software Support Agreement (ESSA) - Site is covered under an ESSA $0 $160/hr

* All rates are billed in quarter hour increments
* There is a 1 hour minimum on each call

Credit cards will be accepted at the time of the call. Integrators may opt to purchase time in advance with a company purchase order to avoid the extra step of giving credit card information to a customer service representative when placing the call.

Having technicians who are Honeywell certified increases their productivity on the jobsite; allows them to install, configure and troubleshoot systems without manufacturer assistance; creates shorter tech support calls, resulting in minimum hold times; and increases the ability for the Honeywell technician and the field technician to resolve problems more quickly.

Integrators can purchase a Blanket SSA to avoid the outlined support charges. If you would like more information on this policy or would like information on how to purchase a Blanket SSA, please call 1-800-323-4576, Option 3.