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Technical Support Services

Honeywell’s technical support group is available to assist Honeywell Integrators with issues they may encounter with either Honeywell hardware or software during system installation. While telephone support cannot replace training on Honeywell’s products, we can enhance our Integrator’s ability to properly install Honeywell systems. Although we may offer some limited Operating System (OS) and peripheral support (modem configuration, for example), our primary intent is to support Honeywell products.

Remote Telephone Support

During normal business hours of 7:00AM – 7:00PM Central Time, Honeywell staffs an experienced telephone support desk. Trained technical support staff can assist the Integrator with installation, configuration, and troubleshooting services on new or existing Honeywell products, while also providing assistance on a variety of other functions. Calls from installation sites that are either: (1) under warranty; (2) governed by a Software Support Agreement; or (3) serviced by an Honeywell product-certified technician with an ID number issued by Honeywell, are given priority support in the call queue.

All telephone calls are logged in a call tracking database system; these calls can be viewed by Integrators with Customer Information Management (CIM) system access via The technical support group also reviews all logged problems, and meets regularly with other product development and support departments to analyze support trends and additional needs. In cases where a problem has not been appropriately resolved in a reasonable or agreed timeframe, additional discussions and trouble-shooting sessions are held to develop and implement appropriate solutions. Additionally, monitoring the requests provides a powerful tool for tracking trends and ensuring that appropriate staff and technology are accessible to callers.

Most support calls can be resolved quickly. Callers can reduce problem solution time, and ensure timely and accurate answers to their questions, by gathering as much information as possible prior to placing the call.

When calling for support, our automated call distribution system will prompt the caller to select a product type (hardware or software), operating system (e.g., Windows XP™, Unix/ Linux™), and specific Honeywell system and site number. Trained technicians with Honeywell-issued ID numbers should also input their ID to expedite call routing to the appropriate technical support group.

On-Site Services

In the event that an on-site project requires additional expertise from the manufacturer in order to achieve problem resolution, a Honeywell Regional Technical Manager or Application Engineer may be dispatched to the project location following a needs assessment conducted by the Integrator and Honeywell. Normal on-site service charges will prevail.

Planned On-Site Services

Although Honeywell can offer a broad range of customized, on-site solutions, our on-site support services program has two main purposes: (1) to facilitate and expedite the process of turning over a complete security management system using Honeywell products; and (2) to complement the Integrator’s regular maintenance program to ensure optimal system operation and minimal downtime.

Among the on-site services made available by Honeywell are training, troubleshooting, diagnostics, consulting, and advanced-level programming, for either an end-user site or Integrator location. In addition, Honeywell offers the flexibility to cover additional items beyond our normal scope of services, which allows us to implement customized solutions corresponding with each customer’s unique requirements.

Web-site Access – Installation Guides

Over the years we have compiled a large database of information covering Honeywell hardware and software. Wiring diagrams, installation tips, frequently asked questions, known product issues, user manuals and more can be found at

If you have internet access, we recommend that you browse our web site first as numerous customers over the course of several years have informed us that their technical support questions were quickly answered by initially consulting the on-line references available on our web site. However, if you still can’t get connected for any reason, telephone support is always available during our normal business hours.

In addition, much of our product is directly integrated with third party products and operating systems, and much of the support we provide is actually common information about operating systems, communications, etc. Before calling us, please check the relevant vendor web site. Links to many third party vendors and Honeywell business partners are available on the Honeywell website as well.

Electronic Mail

If your problem isn’t urgent, you might consider sending an email message to You will receive an automated response to your request. If you send email with a detailed description of your problem, our technical staff can research your problem before responding. If you request a telephone response, please include the telephone number at which you can be reached. Additionally, if a specific time is needed for support, an appointment may be requested via email and a confirmation will be provided by the attending technical support representative.

Modem Diagnostic Support

While many Honeywell systems are shipped with diagnostic modems, some systems require the Integrator to supply the appropriate communication software and modem. Dial-up modems permit Honeywell’s technical support group to remotely run diagnostics, update files and add features on Honeywell systems.

Software/Firmware Maintenance Releases

New releases or updates of software, applicable user manuals, technical and alert bulletins generally released by Honeywell to other licensees at no charge are supplied to systems under warranty. Discounts are available on system upgrades for systems under warranty. Features of new software releases may require hardware upgrades of the processor, memory, hard drive, or other components for proper operation. Honeywell will specify all hardware requirements for new releases. It is the responsibility of the Integrator to procure and install any required hardware upgrades at his own cost..?