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Important Technical Support Information
Important Technical Support Information PLEASE READ!

Backup Routine:

This routine specifies the minimum requirement to insure success if failure of any kind were to occur on the Host computer. Following these guidelines will give the user of the system the greatest chance for recovery. 
Integrated Security Technical Support cannot begin to assist unless these guidelines are followed completely.

The concept of a backup is to capture a picture of the system when it was functioning normally, and then have all materials needed to restore it back to that state. Additionally, backups can be a source for the user to take a look at the past by viewing the backup directly, or by restoring the database back into the current system.

1.   Have all the materials listed (see below).
2.   Create a backup of the database AT LEAST on the first day of each month. Daily backups are highly recommended.
3.   Create a backup of the database immediately after any database changes (which you do not want to have to re-enter). These may be major changes (system or function) or high quantity changes (such as adding 100 cards).
4.   Keep at LEAST seven, cycled copies of the backups and do not re-use the backup media until the last one is used.
5.   For Unix only: Weekly verified Full Volume Backups (requires Patch2.0.13)
6.   For Unix only: Two sets of RecoverEDGE diskettes. Once each month, one set should be "renewed". Requires 4 diskettes for the SCO UNIX version and 6 diskettes for the Linux version



Make a backup on media # 1


Make a backup on media # 2


Make a backup on media # 3


Make a backup on media # 4


Make a backup on media # 5


Make a backup on media # 6


Make a backup on media # 7


Make a backup on media # 1
(reuse the last January's media)


Make a backup on media # 2
(reuse the last February's media), etc.

This can be done on a more often basis but the purpose is to have MULTIPLE copies of the backups taken at different times. Many times the backup created most recently could be unusable since it may have backed up a recent problem. In which case, using the next most-recent backup could be a life-saver.

Materials Needed:

For the SE5850

Must have copies of:

Operating System

MS-DOS 6.22


SE5850 3.61




The SE5850 is licensed through the use of the Activator (also known as a Key or Dongle) which is plugged into the parallel port of the PC. This prevents unauthorized copies of the system. Integrated Security does not offer "spare" Activators.

For the NSM

Must have copies of:

Operating System

WinNT 4.0 (plus any required Service Packs from Microsoft)

WinNT Drivers

Sound, video, networking, etc.


NSM software


All files within the "Database" folder typically located in the folder: C:\Program Files\NexSentry Manager\Database


Additional measures should be taken to restore aspects, functionality or configurations of the PC itself. The items listed above are the basics to restore the NSM only. Information about sound cards, video displays, backup devices and especially networking must be either printed out or backed up in a method recommended by the manufacturer of the specific hardware or software.

For the SE6000/NSCC & StarGaze

Must have copies of:

Application and Operating System

Verified Full Volume Backup & RecoverEDGE diskettes.

Log Archives

Archive Transactions and Alarms when tables reach 80% of capacity.


Database Backup from SE/SMS bkup Menu. Uses Unify utility for DB Backup.